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Convince your bank that you’re mortgage-worthy

People with low FICO scores do get home mortgages, even today. Here’s how they do it.

By Marilyn Lewis

If your credit score is in the tank, you might think you’re out of luck when it comes to getting a mortgage. But that’s not necessarily true. Despite the tight-credit era ushered in by the housing crash, people with FICO scores in the 600s and below do get mortgages.

If your credit score is below 680, there are three important things to know before you apply:

1. You’ll need to be prepared to pay more for a mortgage than… Continue reading

Lenders relax standards on home loans

Lenders are loosening standards on mortgages for homebuyers as fewer homeowners apply to refinance their loans, a Federal Reserve survey shows.

Some mortgage lenders have loosened credit standards for homebuyers as demand for loans from refinancers slows, a Federal Reserve survey shows.

 More than a quarter of the large banks in the report say they have somewhat eased the credit standards on residential mortgages over the past three months, according to the central bank’s October senior loan officer survey.

 Rates up, refis down

Nearly half of the banks in the survey reported… Continue reading

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